New course: The P in NLP

NLP-ers exclusively represent their own lectorate.

The P in NLP interferes with one’s entire being. The P implicitly augments characterological unease and discord at the deepest level. This is because there is no space within our total being that could even contain such conflict. Nor is there anything that would make programming either necessary or useful.
The P is rather the origin of every conflict. The P wants to force people, maim them, and leeches off the will of people who wish to showcase themselves.
The P escalates every conflict. Without any knowledge of P, people would have no desire for showcasing or reflection. As such, the goal of P is implicitly and inherently incompatible with Peace.

The P is the origin of every conflict.

NLP-ers exclusively represent their own lectorate. The fact that this lectorate functions in character as a way to dictate to the rest of the world makes matters far worse.
The P attempts to reprogram the wonder of the Spirit. Extending knowledge in order to allow someone to heal and live in true freedom cannot be achieved with this dogmatic point of view, this forced approach NLP-ers draw on systematically. NLP-ers actually aggravate conditions, and with their P not only make healing more difficult, but at times even impossible.

Every lectorate by definition blocks any form of self-awareness on the matter. Discussion is their path, rationalisation their weapon, in order to justify the devastating and destructive effect of P. The lectorate attempts to justify the interference of P by exalting their own showcase.
Thus the hypnotic body of thought of P becomes a seemingly ecologically justifiable technique.

All NLP-ers parasitise their own will in this manner.

Why and how a person guides others determines whether they will become stronger, or rather, weaker. One’s own motivation is not actually investigated, nor are acquired methods examined. NLP-ers do not in fact do this, because they are all too keen to employ P. All NLP-ers parasitise their own will in this manner. NLP-ers are handed any and all means by the lectorate to justify their P.

Everything that interferes with the naturally existing neuro-linguistic system in place weakens a person. Every neuro-linguistic system is extremely personal and unique. Rather than actually being obliging to this very specific neuro-linguistic system, NLP-ers – often without realising it – tend to prioritise their own will above someone’s right to personal health, happiness, and freedom.

Their current thinking is that the end justifies the means. NLP-ers do this because they are unwittingly and involuntarily blindfolded. Because of this blindfold, NLP-ers are unable to see P’s deceit. Without this deception, NLP-ers would be able to recognise that you cannot permit someone’s neuro-linguistic system to be programmed.

NLP-ers do this because they are unwittingly and involuntarily blindfolded.

Robert Jan Cavadino has been certified by various institutes as an official NLP trainer, and after 20 years of in-depth research on the subject has become the second-greatest critic of NLP. He has very seriously attempted to make NLP a useful tool, and reached the conclusion that this is only possible if the P is replaced with the A of Acceptance and the NL applied to self-realisation and character development. Even in Robert Jan’s own (extremely intensive) courses it seems a person’s will can be a serious obstacle to necessary characterological development. He has guided and assisted people for over 17 years.

During these and following course dates Robert Jan will dispense practical insights and knowledge regarding the deceit of NLP.


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